Product Highlights

How Innovative Technologies Improve Products and Services

  • Work Everywhere

    The only solution that supports multi-streams HD video or data in 3G or 4G environments and requires 5x less data.

    We can also provide our solution reliably and effectively over 5G networks.

  • Low Latency

    Since the feed is not cached locally there is no delay and a live broadcast is enabled.

    ByteDragon can support HD even when experiencing 20% packet-loss. Most other platforms degrade after 3%.

  • Real Time

    All capabilities and features are designed for ultra-scalable real-time events with 1m+ users.

    ByteDragon allows for selecting and switching the number of feeds on the fly.

Our Solution

HD Real-time technical hurdles we solve

  • Network Packet Loss

    UDP not TCP UDP transmission enables packet-losstolerance.

    Specialized data-centers Mobile CDN with cloud compression and error-correction.

    I-driven algorithms to power adaptation, error-correction, transmission, and routing. Leveraging Big Data.

  • TCP/IP Limitations

    Mobile Edge Computing network with distributed architecture.

    Enhanced-UDP with proprietary algorithms for China networks including for Redundancy, Adaptivity, Fragmentation, Retransmission, etc.

  • Carrier Inter-Connection

    Cross-carrier UDP Inter-connection layer to support custom HD-RTM UDP between 31 provincial carriers in China.

  • CPU Limitations

    ByteDragon’s API Installed in apps and servers, highly flexible and cross-compatible.

    Proprietary transmission and media engine most device CPU efficient.

    Error-Correction in cloud Offload media processing from phone to cloud.

Usage Scenarios

How Innovative Technologies Improve Products and Services

and Security
Mobile streaming Enterprise Communication

The revolutionary new tool for every modern gamer. HD quality and real-time no latency game stream over cellular network. Easy activate your game and start mobile game video streamwithin the platform.


The revolutionary new tool for every modern gamer

Revolutionary UI for Esports /Gaming
  • Multi-Points Of View Gameplay. View up to 6 (or more) game -streams synchronously over Mobile and PC.
  • Breakthrough new Esports/gaming experiences: Competitions, Social gaming with friends and game-coaches, 360-degree Viewing, and more…
  • Minimal data usage-proprietary streaming compression.
Friends join gamers via mobile and participate with real-time voice/video

No latency for viewing HD stream on mobile device allows viewer to seamlessly participate via audio/video from mobile anywhere.

PC Client
  • Launch Games

    Specially integrated with top game -publishers’ game APIs. Launch gameplay directly from the GameDragon app.

  • Perfect Coach

    We gather around coaches with highest profile around the world to teach you play better inallkinds of games.

  • Real Time

    MMORPG + real-time voice. All -new HD Voice with cutting-edge mobile audio. No setup required.